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Psychological services for children, teens, young adults, and families

My practice will begin accepting new patients in Summer 2024.

Individual therapy for teens and young adults

In my therapy practice, I provide teens and young adults with a safe space to learn skills to cope with stress, manage difficult emotions, build interpersonal relationships, and navigate transitions and life stressors. I work with teens and young adults who are struggling with anxiety, OCD, depression, and stressful life events and transitions.

For teens, individual therapy also includes meeting with parents and caregivers to ensure teens are supported in practicing what they learn outside of session. This may also include parent coaching sessions to support parent-child relationships and communication. 

I have additional specialized clinical training in supporting LGBTQ+ youth, young adults, and families in managing both mental health concerns and stressors they may encounter related to their identity.


Diagnostic Evaluations

If you are seeking clarity regarding you or your child's mental health diagnoses, I also offer diagnostic evaluations for anxiety disorders, OCD, depression, PTSD, and ADHD.

My Therapy Approach

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and health services provider in Tennessee (license #3474). I am also approved to provide tele-psychology services in PSYPACT approved states; to see if your state is a PSYPACT state and you may be eligible to work with me, click here


I provide evidence-based therapy, and my clinical orientation is cognitive-behavioral, drawing from dialectical behavior therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. I provide clinical care that is grounded in clinical science, while also tailored to each individual and families needs.


I aim to provide culturally competent, affirming, and compassionate therapy services. I value collaboration with young people and their parents, and view clients as partners in therapy. Ultimately, I seek to validate and empower young people and families to reach their goals and to live fulfilling lives. 

Fill out my contact form to schedule a brief consultation call (10-15 minutes) to see if my services are a fit with your needs. I will respond to your contact request as soon as I am available, typically within 1-week of receiving it.*

Note: I do not monitor this message inbox in real time. If you are in need of urgent or immediate support, please contact one of the crisis support resources listed here.
*I am not currently accepting new clients. I anticipate accepting new clients in Summer 2024.

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